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In the country side, medical infra structures are practically non-existent. When you fall ill, you have to go to the city for help. However, the way to town is extremely difficult, as most of the time it is only passable on foot.


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Once there, you have to queue for hours or even days on end in front of governmental clinics, until you finally get to see a doctor.Most people have to spend the night in the street, as they cannot afford accommodation.

Consequently, people only consult a physician, when they have become critically ill, which diminishes their chances of recovery even further.
To remedy this situation, MTN is running a mobile practice.

MTN provides the medicine, the organization and transport for the volunteer doctors to the villages. As this help is heavily dependent on donations, it cannot be provided on a regular basis.






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MTN owns a hospital in KAKINADA that was only constructed a few years ago. But as the financial situation has been worsening considerably for the past years, there is no longer any money available to run the hospital.
Consequently, the voluntary physicians and helpers can now only offer the most basic of treatments on an emergency basis for a few hours a day.

The hospital has about 60 beds, but only 2 or 3 of them can be occupied at one time. But if you compare the excellent condition of the building with that of the governmental Hospital of Kakinada (5 pictures), you cannot simply stand by and watch how this vital infrastructure is going to waste.

Here too, we have to rely on your generosity to be able to return this hospital to its purpose. All it takes is 2,500 EU a month to run the hospital at full capacity again, but even this relatively modest amount greatly exceeds our financial means!




Mr.Yeluchuri, the man in charge of the MTN, also has the courage to set foot where nobody dares to go, namely among the lepers of Kakinada. Unfortunately, this disease, which in our part of the world was the scourge of the Middle Ages, in India still claims many victims to this very day.
Depending on their meagre means, MTN helps these sufferers, which have been cast out by society, with wound treatment and free meals.

They live in a small colony, on the outskirts of the city, in such poor conditions as should no longer be witnessed in this day and age.
We hope to be able to give these people not only the most basic means of subsistence, as is the case now, but provide them again with an occupation, that will restore their independence and facilitate their reintegration into society.

If, like us, you agree that this disease should cease to be a curse, help us to eradicate leprosy and its consequences from that part of the world, too.


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