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The First Communion children of Heffingen and Wormeldange
help flood victims and orphans



In the framework of their First Communion celebrations, the school children of Heffingen and Wormeldange gave up part of their presents, to donate the money thus raised for a good cause.
We at AMTN were delighted that these children decided in favour of our Asbl and below we would like to present the projects thus financed:








































With a donation of more than 1280  by the First Communion children of Wormeldange, we were finally able to build 4 shower rooms each for the boys and girls at our orphanage in Kakinada.
Until then, the children had to have a wash from a bucket outside in a courtyard of trodden earth.
You may imagine how this courtyard looked like after the washing of 175 children.


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The construction of these shower rooms became an absolute necessity, not only for purely sanitary reasons, but also out of respect for the modesty of growing boys and girls.
The following pictures testify how delighted they are with their new shower rooms. Their construction would not have been possible to this day, without the donation of the children of Wormeldange.

Our heartfelt thanks for your help!

With the donation of the communicants of Heffingen, we had intended to provide the free MTN schools with urgently needed school supplies, but when we were still in the planning stage, the region surrounding Kakinada was inundated by such heavy monsoon rains, that more than 200 villages were totally flooded.
According to a rough estimate, more than 150 people were killed and thousands, like so often before, lost all their meager belongings.



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We have assembled a few images here, in order to create a record of the extent of the flood and the damages it created.

The donation of 2225  by the children of Heffingen was therefore reassigned to provide first aid to relieve the suffering of hundreds of flood victims.
Apart from innumerable food rations, we distributed blankets and administered basic medical aid.


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As is almost always the case in such catastrophes, the Indian Government lacks the political will, as well as the money and infrastructure to help the stricken population in these rural areas. Therefore, all the aid campaigns have to be almost exclusively carried out and supported by private organizations.

In the name of all the people who were helped by your donation, we would like to thank you sincerely for thinking of others on your special day.