Free Schools



Today, India is witnessing a radical transformation. Her major cities no longer have to fear comparison with those of the developed world.
Beside an extremely rich minority, the middle classes are gaining in influence, thanks to the country's dynamic economic spirit.
On the other hand, this miracle, or rather economic illusion, still leaves more than 300 million people untouched. Traditions, rigid age-old social and religious structures, which prevent the fair distribution of this new financial wealth are to blame.

The only point of redemption is to be found in the excellent Indian school system. The teaching programs are the same everywhere, and each year, the final examinations are organized at state level, thus guaranteeing the establishment of equal standards throughout the country, in prestigious private as well as ordinary public schools - if only they were accessible to all the children!

Through its schools, MTN has taken charge of the free schooling of 5000 children. On top of their lessons, they receive a meal, school material and clothes in order to relieve the burden on the parents, and so encourage them to send their children to school regularly.

The facilities may be rudimentary, but the standard of education is on a par with the most exclusive schools, as the yearly exam results confirm. These schools open the doors to a growing job market that until now was out of reach of the most deprived social classes.

Education is and always will be one of our priorities, as it is the only means to keep up with the economic boom and to encourage far reaching changes that permeate all the classes of the Indian society of tomorrow!

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