In this program, we try to get people - meaning YOU, your family and friends - interested in sponsoring an Indian child with a monthly contribution of 25 EUR.
These 25 EUR enable the orphanage to provide the sponsored child with a home, regular meals, clothing, education, health care and a little love and affection. Education, above all, will later give these children the chance to break the vicious cycle of poverty and lead a free, independent life.

The sponsor usually accompanies the child for about ten years. During this time, he will regularly receive letters, pictures and e-mails of his little charge, which will keep him up to date on his progress. How close this contact with the sponsored child should be is completely up to the sponsor.

PS. An English translation is enclosed in the letter, as long as the children are not yet able to write in English.

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Mother & Child


Similarly, you can also sponsor a child who still lives with his mother. These children are usually less than two years old and are still breastfed by their mothers. However, when the mother's milk is no longer sufficient, these young women often feel forced to abandon their children, in the desperate hope that someone else might be better able to look after them.
These mothers are often young girls who had unwanted pregnancies and were thrown out by their families, or women, whose husbands left them.

To spare them such a fate, MTN is looking for sponsors to adopt these children. For 10 EU a month, the child receives basic food rations, health care and, when it is old enough, an education at one of our schools.

This program strives to eradicate the problem of abandoned children by trying to allow their biological mothers to keep them, which is, of course, a much better solution for the child, than a life in the streets or in a home.
In this case, too, the sponsor receives regular letters and photos to be able to follow the development of the child.

For us, the sponsorship offers a way to take a Third World child by the hand and give him the possibility to live a life fit for a human being...

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