Our ASBL Aide Missions to the Nations was set up in response to a call for help from the founder of Missions to the Nations (MTN for short).

MTN is an Indian aid organization, which is active in the region around the city of Kakinada. Kakinada is situated in the province of Andhra Pradesh (mid-east Coast).

As the majority of the population in this area depends on agriculture in spite of very poor soil conditions, severe poverty prevails. In addition, the yearly cyclones reduce the meagre harvest even further.

Mr Yeluchuri Paparao, the founder of MTN, who grew up in an Indian orphanage himself, knows the meaning of hunger. His childhood in the orphanage allowed him to get an education though, and at the end of his studies, he managed to get a job at an Indian bank.
However, the images of the grinding poverty in which so many Indians are living remained deeply engrained, and in the late 80's, he decided to renounce the comfortable life of a banker and start the MTN.

MTN began its activities with the foundation of an orphanage in order to provide abandoned children with the shelter and the future, they would otherwise be deprived of. Little by little, the fledgling aid organization spread its activities over a wide range of areas, which we will refer to in detail below.

Roland Bache, one of our members, who adopted one of his daughters there a few years ago, brought the MTN to the attention of our Asbl. He has been keeping in touch with Mr. Yeluchuri for more than seven years.

MTN is mainly financed by local donations. Therefore the volume of the finances is strictly dependent on the economic situation of the region and subject to wild fluctuations, as according to European standards, all those donors would be considered poor themselves.
All too often, due to dire financial straits, the organization has been forced to suspend vital aid to the poverty stricken population.

We remain confident, though, as it is still possible to substantially improve the life of a child, a mother or even an entire village, with as little as a few Euros per month.